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Single Mom

Join together as women to support and honor her.

It’s no secret that being a single mom can be tough and at times, overwhelming. Some of us have walked that struggle ourselves and most of us have seen someone close to us go through it. Each year, a single mom is nominated and we have the opportunity to shower her with love and join together as women to support and honor her. Nominations for our Single Mom blessing have closed for this year, but make sure you check back next year to nominate a special Single Mom in your life!


Single Mom Nomination

Nominations for our Single Mom have been closed for 2018. You can still Help-A-Sister-Out by going to IMPACT and nominating someone you know to go to Chosen through our Chosen Foundation! Nominations for our Chosen 2019 Single Mom will be open immediately after this year’s Chosen, we can’t wait to see you there!

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